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Every business that falls under the following category needs to get the GST. If you do not get the GST registration for new business that is mentioned in the following category, then chances are very high that you might require to pay substantial penalties.

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Application For Gumasta 8652111720

Documents Required for Passport Application

  • Pan Card 
  • Aadhar Card  
  • Electricity / postpaid mobile bill 
  • Gas Bill/gasbook 
  • Rent Agreement -if rented 


Food Licence  is actually a licence made  to protect the health and welfare of the people giving them hygienic vegetables and food ,it is also known as the Food safety and  Standard  Authority of India, and Licence is organised by the Minister of Health and Family Welfare. Food Licence has given a new spirit for the health of the people,  Food safety has developed in a charismatic ways which include in food science, changing in food process technology  doing research in various food.How food Licence works in Mumbai? A  person who want to setup for the Food Business  that person can apply online Registration through the online application system or you can just login Email ID –rajvitech @gmail .com for more details Documents requires :1.Photo ID  and address proof issued by the government2.Authority report,3.Proof of Possession of Premises,4.NOC  should be submitted,5.list of food category desired to be manufactured.How food Licence works in Mumbai?In Mumbai you can see that Food licence is working very well and in a vast way People those who are starting there  business like in restaurant ,coffee, shop, hotels, whole sellers of the food  items, they are applying  for a Licence through the online process, In Mumbai the Ministry of Health and Family Of Welfare had given a huge opportunity for the people health protecting them from taking of un save food, un hygienic  food , and  not only this in Mumbai we can see a Food Truck with a hygienic and scientifically tested food within this Mumbai is doing a good job.Validity and Renewable of the food Licence:The licence granted under this settlement can be valid or can be specified up to 1 to 5 years of the given date to the business owner , and in any case within before  30 days of expiry you  should applied the licence for renewable.So  without wasting your time grab this opportunity of making Food licence You can just  visit  Tricity Grand,B-902,plot 33,34 sector 30  Kharghar owe village, sector 35E Kharghar, Navi  Mumbai ,Maharashtra 410210.or you can  go through our website rajvitech @gmail.com. Contact number -9004206616/8652111720.How To Apply Passport In MumbaiHow  To Apply Passport In Mumbai?Passport is one of the officially issued documents by the government, and one of the identity that proof their citizen, the person who want to travel abroad they need this passport, it have a blue black colour cover, and it contain information  of the card holder like name of the card holder, date of birth, permanent address ,photograph, signature and others important information. Passport  usually remains valid for Five to Ten  YearsWhy passport is important to us?Passport is important to us if you wish to go in any foreign countries than we need a passport for the identification of the citizen.How to apply a new Passport?To apply a new passport Ministry Of External Affairs has announced  a new rule to apply a passport  an individual can apply with their documents as proof of date of birth and can submit others documents like:1.Proof of Birth Certificate,2.school transfer certificate/matriculation  certification,3.voter ID  Card,4.pan card,5.Aadhar card.GST In MumbaiGST In MumbaiWhat Is the meaning of GST?The actual meaning of GST is Goods and Services Tax and this is also called an indirect tax, and was recommend on 1 July 2017,throughout India. This tax was reform to remove the barries between States and create a single market, GST is governed by a GST council and its chairman is Finance Minister of India, this tax is actually taken to reduce the tax in goods and in others like sales tax, central sales tax, vat tax, and some other domestic use.How does GST Work?In Raigarh there are two methods to fill the tax payers, the first one is Existing Tax Payers and the second one is New Tax Payers.GST have make the people very easy and comfortable. One of the particular person who had been registered can be charged or can collect the tax for supplying the goods and services made by the supplier. GST is charged in the selling price of the product, The Gross domestic product will grow upto 1.5-2 % for a long term and this was informed by the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley he also told that this new tax has many benefits. GST have also give a huge feedback for the service provider.Want to grab more information about GST go through our website rajvi-raj blogspots.inWhat is FDA AND FSSAI In MumbaiWhat is FDA AND FSSAI In MumbaiWhat is FDA and FSSAI?FDA and FSSAI  are both different words ,Actually these are the Government Agencies, FDA is engage in the United State Of India and another FSSAI  achieve only the state of India. FDA signifies as Food and Drug administration, and the another word FSSAI  signifies  Standard  Authority and safe of food, and this FSSAI  is influence  all over India like in Navi Mumbai ,and  Maharashtra but FDA had only spread upon the state.When was FDA came into existence and How it help us?The FDA came into existence in the year of 1906 it is one of the government agency that signifies as Food and Drug administration its helps to protect the public health by making secure of human and veterinary drugs, biological products and medical devices and look for the safety of our nations .FDA is also responsible for the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of tobacco products to protects the public health and to decrease tobacco which is using by the youngers ones.When was FSSAI assigned? And How It Works?Food Standard Authority and Safe Food is assigned by the FSSAI act in 2006 by the Minister Of Health and Family Welfare, to protect the people from  the unsaved and unhygienic  food and want to established a single relating points relating to Food  safety  and standard.If you are interested to know more about FDA and FSSAI then you can just login a webside rajvi-raj.blogspot.in Shop Establishment In Navi MumbaiShop Establishment In MumbaiWhat is Shop Establishment?shop Establishment is also known as Shop Act Establishment in or it is also known as the commercial establish which help to regulate the condition of work and employment in the shop not only in the shop but this act is also used in trading or banking ,resitental  hotels, restaurants,  This is also a type of certificate that cretifing the work done by the  individual or in the group, and in Navi Mumbai this act also regulates in different payments like of wages, hours of work, holidays and others work condition of people employed in the EstablishmentHow to apply Shop Establishment ?This establishment are compulsory for the owners  of the shop so the owners of the shop  has to register the shop establishment act :
  1. You just have to fill up the entire information  given  below  before starting the shop establishment ,
  2. This application should be submitted with the  written fees ,
  3. The name of the employer should be written  correctly, and there should be the name of the manager also
This certificated is valid for five years and this certificated has to be renewed before the expiry date.Being querious  or wanting  to registered the form of  Shop Establishment than you just have to login in this website rajvi-raj.blogspot.in for more details.Gumasta Licence Shop Act Licence in MumbaiGumasta Licence , Shop Act Licence in MumbaiGumasta Licence or Shop Act LicenceIf a particular person wants to setup their future planning doing investment and start their business in the out countrys like in MumbaiNavi Mumbai, Thane, Kalyan and Raigarh they have to make one of the important licence known as Gumasta Licence. And this licence is Governed by the Municipal Cooperation of Greater Maharashtra and was established in the year 1948. Like in India if anyone would like to start a business opening one of a medical shop or like any other off shop they need a licence from the municipal office so here this is known as Shop Act Licence ,Not only in the business if you buy a car or any others vehicles so there also we need a licence  without the approval of the government we cannot use it.How To Apply and The Document Required:It is very simple  you can just fill up the Applied form with the basic information  given in  the form, or if you want to get the quick result you can just fill up through the online processThe document you required are:1.Pan card should be required,2.Authority letter for business,3.Application letters from the Municipal Cooperation of greater Mumbai,4.Adress Proof any documents like NOC should be given by the owner, or one copy of  Electricity bill be required.You can also apply in many categories as;If you like to  make a Licence in a Partnership Deed you may required a Documents like :1.Pan card of the partnership Firm,2.Patnership I’D Proof and address proof. IF you want to start your business setup for the Private Limited Company :You must required the documents like ,1.certificate of incorporation,2.Memorandum and Article of association,3.Director’s I’D proof.  

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